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A Kiss from Rose | Observation

Do not worry; God is watching. He sees you. God is observing everything that you do. So, great job!

He is observing you as you move up the ladder on your job.

He is observing you loving on your spouse.

He is observing you being a great friend.

He is observing you walking in love throughout your day.

He is observing you being a good person.

He is observing you doing your best.

Never think you are going unnoticed by God. You are always in His view. He is proud of all of your accomplishments. He is proud of you for staying in the fight.

Lord, I thank You for keeping watch over me. I thank You for staying focused on me. In Jesus' name, amen.


* Black History Facts

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Blood Bank

Folding Cabinet Bed

Refrigerated Trucks

Potato Chips

Clothes Dryer

Protective Mailbox

Automatic Gear Shift

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