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A Kiss from Rose | November 2nd

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

No matter what house the outside or inside of the house looks like, it all will require maintenance at some point. You can have all of the furnishings and have it beautifully decorated on the outside. It still will require maintenance. If you complete preventative maintenance at home throughout the year, your cost will be low. However, if you never lift a finger until 30 years down the line, you can have an extremely costly repair bill. Think about this, you can replace an air filter for less than 20.00 and maintenance on an A/C unit for less than 100.00. If you never make any preventive repairs this can cost you at least 10,000 for a new unit. Some homes have two units, so double the price. Well, think about your "house", your body, mind, and soul. It needs preventive repairs too. You need to take time out for yourself, so you are not burned out. You don't want to become mentally, physically, and emotionally unavailable because you didn't take the time out for yourself. We all need to rest and recoup for the stress of daily living. People are constantly being stretched into so many different directions, you can just pop. Make sure you are taking care of yourself at least once a week. Get that downtime in, go out to eat by yourself, go to the spa, have a day out with friends with no pressure, and just let go. You can take the time to read a book in a cozy little area. Get some retail shoe therapy ( is having a blowout sale and the new arrivals are on their way in; you can't go wrong with a few pairs of shoes ladies). The point is to take care of yourself, it is crucial to everything around you. Fellas, you need to relax as well, the weight of the world is on your shoulders. A game day with the fellas is a good starting point.

Maintain your house!

Here are some great ideas to help relax:



Going out to a local coffee shop or cigar bar

Lunch with the fellas or ladies

Reading a book

A nice spa day

A walk in the park

A day at the beach

A museum or art gallery visit

A stop at your local jazz, rock, or neo-soul spot

A stay-cation

Retail therapy

Whatever it is take time out!



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