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A Kiss from Rose| November 28th

When you are a child, you are seemingly so innocent. You absorb the things around you like a sponge. You are so hopeful about your future. You have all of these dreams and aspirations. As a child, you are given everything for the most part and as a child, you will have things taken away. It is all apart of life. No one wants to be at the end of the stick where things are being taken away. Not even an adult. When you are a child you cry and act out when things are taken away. As adults, in most cases, we cry too. Mainly, however, we go over it over and over in our heads, of why this or that didn't work out. Why did I lose this client or customer? Why did this relationship or marriage fail? Why did I lose my job? Sometimes we lose faith in things ever again working out. Instead, we should be paying attention to the lessons that we have learned. What God has in store for us next. Was it a lesson or a blessing? Was I ungrateful for what I was given in the first place? Was I unappreciative? It is all still part of life. Whether you are a child or an adult, you have dreams and aspirations. As an adult or a child life will give and take away things. No matter which end of the stick you are on, smile. Let the innocence of your heart shine through. Be grateful, appreciative, and most importantly thankful to God for everything given and taken away, because it is all part of His plan.


Excerpt from Prayers and Wisdom from Grandma's House

"In grandma’s house, I did not talk much about what I was dealing with. I felt like she was older and probably would not understand. I just held it all in. I mainly acted out."

It was all part of His plan - Alston Shropshire


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