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A Kiss from Rose| November 27th

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and my questions today is are you still thankful? We all receive gifts from God every day. Thankful to wake up and be above ground as Grandma would say is the first thing we should be thankful for. Nevertheless, there are so many countless things that we should appreciate and be thankful for. Often we overlook the things that are so common for us to have, like, a roof over our heads, food to eat, and people that love us. I will do a spin-off on the people that love us another time. As I was saying, things that we are used to having others are praying for. In the book Prayers and Wisdom from Grandma's House Grandma Rosa "Rose" reminded me of a few things, let's take a look at an excerpt from the book:

"You are walking around this world, not recognizing that someone is

praying for the very thing you are blessed with. Alston, do you know

you could have opened your eyes and be under a bridge, and do you

know the person under the bridge is thankful for the bridge because

they realize it was a chance their eyes might not have opened at all?

The clothes you easily discard because they are not a popular brand

or out of season, someone somewhere is overjoyed to have something

on their body to protect them from the cold or something to switch

into when wet from the rain.

She would tell me, Alston, there’s someone with water dripping on their head from a roof leak, thankful they are being protected from the wind. There is a person in the wind that is thankful they are not drowning in a flood. That same person that is in the flood is thankful

they are not in their grave and still have the sense to call on the good

Lord to give thanks.

I can hear her saying “I can just thank Him all day long, you know

you can’t thank the Lord enough.” She would say this with the biggest

smile on her face as she walked away in her housecoat."

So not on just one day should we be thankful and make family a priority, but every day!

To those that have lost a loved one and during the holidays it is hard for you, know that they left you with the gift of great memories to share with others to keep their memory alive. Smile and know they are enjoying watching you smile than cry.


Be thankful every single day of your life. -Alston Shropshire

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