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A Kiss from Rose | November 21st

I remember going to revivals with my grandmother Rosa Frasier, time after time. A revival is a movement that emphasizes a direct personal experience of God through baptism with the Holy Spirit. Those were some of the best parts of my childhood memories. My grandmother went to a Pentecostal church. She was a praying woman, and she taught me how to pray and how to identify the manifestation of my prayer. At revival, you were there all might night long seemed like. I remember getting home a few times at midnight. I know that you can not control the atmosphere when Jesus is moving. I also know that when you are in His presence things are going to move and things will come to pass. I know that the tears that fall during are going to be honored. I know the moans and groans will be heard. I know that when you fall out, He is carrying you. I know that when you are touched through the pastor by God, you feel it and you know it is Him. I know that when the pastor prophesizes over your life, it will come to pass because God is speaking through them. I am so thankful for her taking me to church as a child so that in my adult life I can recognize when I am in the presence of something real. When you know of the things that I have mentioned, when you have experienced the things that I have mentioned; there is no doubt.


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