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A Kiss from Rose | November 18th

What are you running after? Are you finding yourself constantly chasing something, your dreams, blessing, favor, or people? Let me paint this picture, remember being a kid and running after the ball? The ball is just rolling away, faster and faster getting out of your reach. You are getting tired, out of breath, and sweating. You feel as though you will never get this ball until it hits something and stops or when you catch up to it. You are wondering how long will that take, when will it end? When you finally get the ball what should be a victorious moment, it a bit blah, because you are winded. However when you are just tossing the ball around with your friends, you are not winded, you are laughing and having fun for the most part. SO, what would you rather be doing, chasing or catching? One requires more effort, chasing, the other is minimal, catching. To put this into perspective, I don't want to have to chase anything that is running away from me. It is draining. To be perfectly blunt. I want to catch things that freely want to come my way. Well, positive and favorable things. God can throw His favored promised your way, all you have to do is stand there, focus, and catch them. Whether it is falling into your lap or you are catching them with your hands. You don't have to chase anything God has for you. You won't be drained from the things He is intentionally and freely giving to you. So, again, why are you running after anything? You don't have to chase family, friends, dreams, blessings, or favor. God and place them in your lap. Aren't you tired of running around like a chicken with its head cut off? Let's picture the visual on that! Looks kinda crazy, doesn't it? Now picture yourself catching blessings, favor, abundance, victory, grace, and mercy. Doesn't that look like a way better picture? I have seen people post that they are catching flight not feelings. Let's just say I'm catching blessings, favor, and an abundance of fruitful harvests; that feeling is joyful. So, I'll definitely take that! "Thank You, God, for throwing these things my way." In this season it is going to be an "effortless catching season of favor"!




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