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A Kiss from Rose | November 16th

Putting in work is something that I spoke about in the book Prayers and Wisdom from Grandma's House. "Praise work" is one of the most important works you can put in. Giving God praise for the things that you want Him to do as if He has already done them and the work He has already done. There are so many areas in our lives we need to give God the praise for, our marriages, family, children, job, finances, and any health concerns. After you wake up and thank God for allowing you to wake, give Him the praise for the problems and the joys in your life. You must have the dedication and determination to do this every day as the devil is dedicated and determined to kill, steal, and destroy. So my question for today is are you a lazy worker ( Praise worker) or a dedicated and determined worker ( Praise Worker). What are some of the things you can put in work for or Praise work, check out the list below:

The success or failing marriage- Thank You, God, my marriage is going in a positive direction thank You for sustaining us/ Thank you God for being in the midst of my marriage during troubled times, I know You will see us through.

The loss of a job or the gaining of employment- Thank you God for still holding my hand during the loss of my job, I know You have something better on the way/ Thank you God for blessing me with this new job.

The breakdown of the family or the strength of the family- Thank you God for giving this family the understanding of each member's concerns during these trials. We know You will make everything better according to Your will/ Thank you God for making our family strong and never leaving our side.

Lack of money or the increase in money- Thank you God for being my provider even though I don't see any money in my accounts, I know it is on the way. I know that I will not lack anything as I am the child of the Most High/ Thank you God for the increase of money in my account. Thank You for being my provider where I lack nothing.

As you get the point of the examples, just turn every negative into positive praise. Be a "Praise Worker", give God the praise, when times are good or bad. When you are going through either time, know there are a plan and a purpose, according to His will.


Excerpt from the book Prayers and Wisdom from Grandma's House...

"Ask yourself this…

Am I faking it until I make it? Will that work with God?

What type of work am I putting into the church?

Am I sincerely working in the church or am I working in the church

with the same blah attitude I have on my regular job?

Whether you answer any of these questions through this book honestly

or not, I will never know, however God surly does."

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Unknown member
Nov 16, 2020

The more we praise God and thank God for his provisions and his love the better we will feel and the better we will be. Yes, let's be praise workers!


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