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A Kiss from Rose| May 14th

As I always say, marriage is not for the faint. Today, I do not think there is any need for a boundless message; I will jump right in without further ado.

Parents allow your children to cleave to their spouse

Siblings allow your brother/ sister to cleave to their spouse

Family members allow your relatives to cleave to their spouse

Children allow your parents to cleave to their spouse

Friends allow your friends to cleave to their spouse

There are three people in a marriage, God, a husband, and a wife. That's it.

Be respectful of their time together. Be respectful of their space. Be respectful of their money.

Be respectful of their home. Be respectful of their vacations. Be respectful of their disagreements. Be respectful of their children. Be respectful of their good days and bad days. Be respectful of their holidays together. Be respectful of their union. Be respectful of their love and respect for one another. Be respectful of their alone time.

It may have been about you for countless years; however, the season has changed. No one wants to forget about you. However, it is time for them to develop and invest in their marriage. Trust that they will incorporate you into their lives. Allow them the same things you wanted when you first got married, time, space, and a chance to love this person who changed their life.

At some point this month( if you are married), pray and fast for two days. Pray that your spouse cleaves onto your marriage. While doing so, pray for the same for three other married couples.

" It take a village to pray for these marriages too." - Alston Shropshire



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