A Kiss from Rose | Make It Right

Still, upset with someone? Are you still holding on to a grudge? Make it right by having the conversation. No one is getting younger. No one wants to live with regrets. Conversations are powerful; it shows strength. It is not easy to have a conversation; however, it shows that you value the person and the relationship. Freeing yourself of underlying anger and resentment is a part of self-care. Just because you think you have let it go doesn't mean you are not holding it in your heart and the back of your mind.

Self-care and freeing statements:

I love you.

I apologize.

I didn't mean to hurt you.

I didn't mean to say those hurtful things.

I mistreated you because I held on to past things, and I am sorry.

I will treat you better.

Let's pray about our relationship together.

Let's move forward, walking in love.

God protect me from me.

It's time I apologize.

Start your day off by making it right.


" Get your affairs in order, make it right."- Alston Shropshire