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A Kiss from Rose | Let's Go to Church

Today, I feel like being your unofficial pastor in case you missed church on Sunday. Many may not know, but my foundation is in the church. There is a whole lot of Pentecostal and Baptist oil that saturated my skin. I was always taught to allow the Holy Ghost to move. The Holy Ghost is speaking to my soul today, and I want to share some words with you. So imagine this is the third and final point of the pastor, and the organ is beginning to play Saints.

The Lord is my light; WHOM shall I fear!? The Lord is my light; WHOM shall I be afraid!?

I fear no one. I can stand in the presence of principalities because the Lord resides in me! The enemy will not defeat me. I always claim victory.

I walk boldly with my God-given authority. I can see in darkness because the Lord shines through me. I can make it in the valley because the Lord is with me! I fear not because my Father in heaven said so!

I could care less Who stands before me, who is behind me, or who is surrounding me because the Lord fights my battles! He shields and covers me!

I know that by His stripes, I am healed, and by His blood, I am covered! I stand in the storm with my head held high because I am the child of the King of all kings, and He will rescue me.

I do not have small or weak faith because there is nothing weak or small about the God I serve. I stand, knowing my God will show up right on time.

Oh, yes, I stand without a doubt walking in the favor of the Lord!

I stand without a doubt basking in His glory and mercy!

I stand without a doubt under His divine protection. I stand firmly on the rock of Jesus Christ!

I am safely wrapped in the comfort of the Lord! I do not worry about one day of my life because my God provides all of my needs.

The peace God gives me surpasses all understanding, so I do not focus on anything around me; my eyes are on Him.

I stand without a doubt, knowing that when I look back over my life, it was Him who brought me out! When I look back over my life, my soul cries out, Hallelujah!

So, why are you fearful and why are you sitting down on your praise?!

I fear not! I stand! I shout hallelujah! Amen!


"I have something to shout about! I have something to give God praise for! I have to remind the enemy, you never win when you play dirty! Touch not, thy anointed. I will always allow the Holy Ghost to move!" - Alston Shropshire



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