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A Kiss from Rose | Leaving It Behind

As this year comes to a close and a new one is beginning, I am confident that leaving some things behind is an accurate statement for me.

Being transparent is something I believe you must do to travel this place we call life. We must accept accountability and responsibility. We must walk with an honest mind frame.

How many of you are looking reality in the face and ready to leave some things behind in 2021?

I am leaving toxic relationships behind.

I am leaving stunted growth/dead end situations, friendships, relationships, marriage, and associations behind.

I am leaving negativity behind.

I am leaving one-way streets behind.

I am leaving a lack of respect behind.

I am leaving procrastination behind.

I am leaving self-doubt behind.

I am leaving fearfulness behind.

I am leaving low self-esteem behind.

I am leaving debt behind.

I am leaving a lack of self-worth behind.

I am leaving toxic relationships behind.

I am leaving energy/vibes behind.

I am leaving acceptance of selfish behavior behind.

I am leaving bad habits behind.

I am leaving unforgiveness behind.

I am leaving a lack of commitment behind.

I am leaving, not putting myself first behind.

What things are you leaving behind can list you add to the list?

I am respectfully walking away from many things and people in life. I am walking with God by way of Jesus Christ. I am confident that they will never leave me or forsake me. I can do this! Finally, I am first!


" I feel free!" - Alston Shropshire



Unknown member
Dec 31, 2021

You better say it!


Unknown member
Dec 31, 2021

In pressing towards bettering my future, spiritually & naturally I am leaving behind the strong hold of feeling that I don’t LOVE or CARE about you or it, because I’ve made a choice not to allow other people or situations to drain my spirit!


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