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A Kiss from Rose | Just Think About

Have you ever taken the time to think about who you act or have behaviors or characteristics like your mother or father? What good things are like your mother or father? Has anyone ever asked you the question or given you the answer? What about the bad or negative things? What observation have you taken regarding your spouse or partner in this aspect? I want you to look deep and think about it.

Believe it or not, you mirror both in more ways than you thought.

Do you have the mannerism of your mother or father?

Where does your kindness come from, your mother or father?

How about your temper or attitude? Would that be your mother or father?

What about your patience? Would that be your mother or father?

Have you looked into your loyalty or lack thereof? How about commitment?

Do you get your forgiveness from your mother or father? How about your compassion?

Let's think about how you raised your children; where did those qualities come from, mom or dad?

Are any of these ways that you have the same ways you criticized your parents as a child or young adult? Do you appreciate them now or still have the same feelings?

Well, since I have you thinking, how are you like God? Do you have God's love for people? How about His kindness? What about His forgiveness? Do you possess God's loyalty? What about dedication?

Just think about it.


"Well, sometimes you have to get into deep thought." -Alston Shropshire



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