A Kiss from Rose| June 8th

Is your relationship with God contingent upon how severe your problem is? Do you stop communicating with Him once the smoke clears?

When you're not consistent with God, how can you be consistent with anything else? Dedication and consistency should be effortless. It should be easy to wake up and thank God every morning. It should be easy to support your black community. It should be easy to spread the gospel. It should be easy to refer someone to your friend's business. It should be easy to stand on the Lord's side. It should be easy to stand next to your friend. Not only when the rain and the benefits come, but always. INCONSISTENCY WITH GOD ...INCONSISTENCY WITH EVERYTHING ELSE. What would we do if God was inconsistent with us; or failed us? Think about that. How would we make it? Where will you be when the smoke clears?



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