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A Kiss from Rose| June 7th

The prayers from our ancestors are still cover us today. The prayers of Grandma still ring clear. Grandma Rose's favorite day was Sunday. So in memory of her and our ancestors, we will pray the prayers that will reach back to let them know we were listening.

*Forever a Kiss to Rose*

Abba Father, I give thanks and praise Your name. As I lay my petitions Your feet, hear my cry. Father, move the mountains out of our way. Deliver me out of the valley. Move Lord, on my behalf. Move through my home. Move through my marriage. Move Lord, in the lives of my children. Move on my jobs. Move through my business. Move Father God, through this country. Touch us, in a mighty and miraculous way. Grant me with the Holy Spirit. Anoint my mind, heart, and soul. Anoint the steps I take each day. Continue to lead me towards You. travel with me everywhere that I go. Anoint the words that I say. Anoint the paths that I take. Father, take my hands, lead, and guide me. Show Your face through me. Allow the people to know that You dwell in me. Cover me in Your blood. Cover every fiber in my being. Cover our dwelling so that no harm comes near us. Cover my bloodline. Everything that comes through me, anoint, cover, and grant favor. Surround me with Your angels of protection. Father, You said I am the head and not the tail. The first and not the last. Move me to the front of the line for my favored harvest. Father, I am a branch that remains in You, You said I shall bear much fruit. Grant it, Father. Allow my enemies to be my footstool. Surround me with favored and anointed people sent by You. Father grant me the gift of many good things to benefit the uplifting of Your Kingdom. Father grant the things, I should have asked, that I may need, and did not know the words to say. Allow Your will to be done in my life. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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