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A Kiss from Rose| June 29th

Is your circle spiraling upward or downward? Your circle should be going into an upward motion. We have enough things in life that may spiral out of control. Our friendships shouldn't be one of them. God has placed friends in our lives for earthly comfort. Support. When Jesus is your first friend, you know how you want or should be treated. You should want to elevate with your friends and for them to elevate on their own. Cheering for someone is free. Being a listening ear is free. Being a compassionate and sympathetic friend is free. Watching your friends elevate or succeed is like watching a child grow, in the sense that you were there every step of the way. Choose which direction you want to step with your friends, upward or downward.

Father in Heaven, I pray for my friend's elevation today. I pray that our bond is not severed and is never toxic. I pray that You are the third strand in our friendship. I pray that our prayer life is strong. Father, provide us with a lasting and fruitful friendship. I pray that we have countless moments with tears of joy. I pray for understanding, effective communication, respect, loyalty, love, compassion, empathy, support, forgiveness, kindness, transparency, positivity, sound and wholeness, and an unbreakable bond. In Jesus's name, I pray, Amen.



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