A Kiss from Rose| June 24th

Sometimes standing in the mirror can be exciting. You are in your best attire, looking and feeling confident. Thinking, only good thoughts, and the good memories you are about to make. The mirror can also be a scary place for some. When it is time to unmask yourself and look at the real you. No fancy attire. No smiles and gleams. Just the uncut revision of yourself. The scars. The trauma. The pain. The secrets. The darkness. The places so deep within; the places no one knows about. The places a mirror can reach when you are standing in front of it. No need to break the mirror or avoid it. Stand tall and smile. Beam with pure joy, because those are the things that have made you strong. Those are the things you have survived. Those are the things that will help someone else. Those are the places of the past. Look at the mirror and smile because there is a future that is brighter than any darkness, you are trying to hide from. Unmask and be free.



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