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A Kiss from Rose| July 8th

Most times I have stated to others, that I was searching for the silver spoon that I lost throughout my journey in life. Then I realized I am the silver spoon sitting under an olive tree. The spoon that's tarnished, worn, and seemingly rusting away. When you neglect yourself that can happen. Not a quick process, nevertheless it can happen. However, when you stop neglecting yourself and pour the anointed oil over you; rubbing it in and praying over yourself, the tarnish begins to vanish. The anointed oil gets into the cracks and crevices to fill in the places with holes. You begin to be set apart from the other tarnished and worn spoons. You begin to have a sweet smell that draws others in. With the anointed oil in and on you, you are an acceptable offering to God. You are now a person ( the silver spoon ) after God's heart. As you appear under the olive branch with your sweet fragrance drenched in the anointed oil, you smell, look, walk, and talk of peace and victory. You have been restored to your original state that God intended.

You see, you have been just sitting there, looking on the ground, wondering where is your silver spoon. Looking for your anointing, your covering, and your shine. As you are searching on the ground, how do you expect to find it? You must look up at the olive tree that you are sitting under. Then you hug the olive on the tree, that is on the branch, the oil will then comes over you.

Are you tarnished? Are you worn? Are you mentally drained? Are you physically tired? Do you lack the luster you once had? Have you put yourself on the back burner for others? Are you unappreciated? Are you unhappy? Are you none of these things, but know someone that is? Then pray for the olive tree and the anointing oil. Pray that Jesus steps in. Get the covering you deserve.



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