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A Kiss from Rose| July 6th

Just because you see a blank page, doesn't mean there is nothing there. It doesn't mean there isn't a story to be told. There is a process in everything and everyone. When you look at this picture you may see a pen and a pad. I see a table with ridges, indention, and planks nailed together. I see a pen with a fountain tip and special ink. The pen has gold details and has a wider body at the top and slimmer at the bottom. I see a pad with spiraling on the ends holding it together. I see pages, colored lines, and holes. What's the story behind all of that? Why is it sitting there? What is its purpose? How was each formed? How was it made? What did it take to get to where it is now? How many people did it take to make each part of it? What was their process?

You may appear to be a blank page, but what was your process? What is your story? What is your purpose?



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