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A Kiss from Rose| July 29th

Are acting busy or are you busy? Are you making time for the things and people that are around you? How would they reply? Are you helping others with good intent? Are you helping for your benefit or to be boastful? How are your actions making someone else feel?

So your answer is: I am really busy. Yes, I make time for everyone. I am always helping with good intent and for another person's benefit. People feel good about my actions. That sums up your reply correct? Well, what about God? Have you been too busy for Him? Are you consistent with Him? Are your intentions good with God or is it just for your benefit? Is God getting the glory out of what you are doing? Have you asked yourself, is God pleased? Now, who could knowingly answer this incorrect, while God is watching?


So, looking for your scriptures? It is easy to have something laid out for YOU and not appreciate it until YOU are looking for it or in need. Let's go the extra mile on YOUR own today. Pick up the bible or bible app and read a scripture today. Can YOU make time for God? Are You too busy? Let's appreciate the things and people that make our lives so easy today while making an effort to do some things on our own at times. Life isn't moving that fast where you can't make time for God.



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