A Kiss from Rose| Jesus Is Showing Out

Ain't nobody (yes, this is a double negative, and my old English teacher Ms. Lessington is turning in her grave), showing out like Jesus! You may think you are doing a "good job," but He is performing miracles! It is ok to give yourself a high five and a pat on the back; nevertheless, Jesus gets all of the praise, honor, and glory.

The rich young man raised from the dead- parallels the Lazarus story of John 11 (Mark 1)

Water controlled and purified (Thomas 2:2)

Made birds of clay and brought them to life (Thomas 2.3)

Resurrected dead playmate Zeno (Thomas 9)

Healed a woodcutter's foot (Thomas 10)

Held water in his cloak (Thomas 11)

Harvested 100 bushels of wheat from a single seed (Thomas 12)

Stretched a board that was short for carpentry (Thomas 13)

Resurrected a teacher he earlier struck down (Thomas 14–15)

Healed James' viper bite (Thomas 16)

Resurrected a dead child (Thomas 17)

Resurrected a dead man (Thomas 18)

Miraculous Virgin Birth verified by midwife James ( 19–20)

Let's not forget all that He has done and is doing for you.

Healed your body

Provided all of your needs

Covered you

Answered your prayers

Carried you through

Never left your side

Protected you

Saved you

Gave you grace, mercy, and favor

Oh yes, He continues to show out for me!


"He shows out everyday of my life."- Alston Shropshire

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