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A Kiss from Rose| January 8th

Does your marriage have some sort of prayer life? Is he praying for you? Well, sit with him one day so that he can. You are constantly praying for your husband (which you should) and God is blessing him with this wonderful wife, home, family, and all the perks that come with it. He is messing up and you are fixing it. Well, you are praying for protection over him. You are praying for all of the benefits for him. Yet you feel neglected, perhaps or sick of the family, or his get-rich schemes, the arrogance, the finger-pointing, the judging, physical, mental abuse, sexual abuse, or lack thereof. Where are his prayers for you? If he said half of the things we say about them how would we feel? How would we feel if he puts our flaws on display? Here are some things to reexamine, and refer to it when appropriate. List may include:

• Each person can possibly have dead weight in marriage (a mother, child, uncle, aunt, cousin, or friend) equals to marital problems equal to needing great friends (everyone talks to someone) needing a prayer life

• Everyone has flaws (without communication and transparency) this equals marital problems equals to needing great friends( someone who is going to tell you hey you are flawed boo) and a prayer life

• Understand that wanting to fix things and fixing things are completely different.

• Enjoy the good days. Things can always be worse.

• Don’t compare your marriage and don’t judge someone else’s. You never know when someone notices your slip hanging. We all are trying to figure it out.

• No one got married for it to end. Him either. Your friend either. Your mother either. Your auntie either. The lady of the night either. The doggest of the dog either. There is always hope in everyone for love.

Take it back to when you met and fall back in love. Don’t lose your voice in this.

How can you understand his brokenness or ways Beloved when you don’t understand your own? We are all a wind glass from hiding our marital scars, or a wine glass from the mental break down.

We are pretending in front of the whole world (which is not their business I get it) that we have the perfect marriage. “Hello this is my dashing husband Dexter, he is so amazing. He makes this and he knows this… but when the doors close... He’s a barrel of SOB or we are going through the motion for financial stability, afraid of failure, or just not wanting to believe our marriage is in trouble.

Marriages in the bible

Priscilla and Aquila instrumental in helping to establish the early church. They were a power couple–tent makers, who worked alongside one another in ministry.

Hosea and Gomer examples of forgiveness and compassion. In spite of sin, deceit, and treachery, people can restore their relationships with God’s love and guidance. Hosea was instructed by God to take in a Gomer who was a promiscuous woman.

David and Abigail Abigail intervened and prevented David from doing foolish things. She was indeed a wise woman and one that God sends to David.


"My very first speaking engagement was about transparency and prayer, and I am proud because truth is the way to healing."

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