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A Kiss from Rose| January 6th

Some people may think bigger is better or will always win. Older is always wiser. You are always right, they are always wrong. He should go right, we should go left. Everyone has an opinion on the outcome. Sure confidence is good, who doesn't want to believe in themselves? I'm sure we all do. Here is the thing, no matter how confident you are, how much bigger you are, or stronger you are; you are not in control of the Will of God! Look at the story of David and Goliath. At first glance, Goliath might seem unbeatable; bigger and stronger than any man. David, on the other hand, was quick and agile. While he could not best Goliath in strength, his speed advantages allowed him to react to Goliath’s offensives, and then pivot into a more advantageous position. David found a vulnerable spot in Goliath's armor and was able to penetrate. His precise throw hit Goliath in the head and knocked him out, allowing David to move in for the kill and win the war for the Israelites. Goliath was bigger, well suited, armored and seemingly had large support for the victory. God's will was not thought of by the onlookers. The mustard seed of faith from David was not considered by them either. The will of God and His purpose will always come out on top. Get your slingshots ready. Get your mustard seeds of faith ready. When you are lined up with the purpose and will-filled destiny of God, YOU WILL WIN!

Father God in the name of Jesus, thank You for this day. Thank You for the victory. Thank You for my slingshot. Thank You for Your purpose and will over my life to win. No matter how big and tall they are, giants do fall. No matter what battle gear they are wearing, I have on the whole armor of God. I will win because it is all in Your plan. In Jesus's name, Amen.


"Stay focused during the chaos around you." - Alston Shropshire


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Unknown member
Jan 06, 2021

Slingshot ready.....I WILL WIN in JESUS name 🙏 🙌


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