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A Kiss from Rose| January 25th

It is easy to talk about the happiness and joys of life. It is easy to see the rainbows and stardust flying all over the sky. It is easy to feel the goodness, mercies, and favors of God. No doubt about it, those things are real. However, there is a realness about the darkness. The pain and sorrows of life. The ultimate deceiver and trickster, the devil. Yet, he has no power and dominion over you. Even though he will never win against God, you better know him when you see him, or you will be tricked and fooled every time. He will have you thinking you will never make it out. He will have you thinking that God has left and failed you.

As crossroads stated, He accuses God of not being entirely truthful with Adam and Eve. He accuses the first humans of misunderstanding God's instructions. He sets himself up as the adversary of both God and humanity by twisting God's truth into a lie. Since the beginning, Satan has worked to infect God's world with doubt, confusion, and accusations. His weapon of choice, twisted half-truths and lies. Satan, jealous of the high place afforded to God, rose in rebellion against Him. But it didn't go well for the rebel. Satan then is kicked out of heaven, his takeover defeated, permanently losing his place among God's closest servants.

It's safe to assume that any terrible choice, any movement into sin and a life apart from God, can somehow be tied back to the devil. Besides being a liar, he's a thief. If he can't lie to distract us from God's goodness, he'll attempt to take it with force.

When you can see the devil for what he is a liar and a thief, you won't be fooled. You will know that you will have the victory and favor.

You see, the devil is the one suffering. He is the one losing. He makes you think you can't speak to him with authority. Yet, you have the power and authority to talk to him and cast him out.

Here is your conversation when he shows up.

Oh, it's you again. I see you are persistent. Yet again, you have no power or authority over me and anything attached to me. I am covered in the blood of Jesus Christ. God said I have power and authority over you. You are beneath me. You and anything like you, I command, will flee right now, in the mighty name of Jesus. God said, touch not thy anointed, and you know I am walking with God. You can't touch me. Your tricks will not work here. I know who you are, and you know Who I belong to. Slither away to the place where you were cast down to on the day you were kicked out of heaven.

Father God, I plea Psalm 57 over my life, Show up and show the devil the door.

Wake up in the mornings, thank God for waking you up. Say a prayer. Tell the devil he has no power over you. If he still shows up, say it again, and allow Jesus to show him the door.


Revelation 20:10 “And the devil, who had deceived them, was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur… and will be tormented day and night forever and ever.”

*I do not own the right to the scripture/ partial text


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