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A Kiss from Rose| January 22nd

There are so many wonderful things about God! The first thing He blesses us with is the opening of our eyes. It is a blessing because not everyone was able to do so. So, as thank Him each morning for the first of many blessings for today. Let's take that five extra minutes that we all will take, laying in the bed and thinking about all of the goodness God has to offer us.

My God is able to move things around in my life. He is able to move the mountain out of my way, and He is able to move His blessed favor directly in my lap. God is able to make my enemies my footstool. He is able to provide angels to surround me. My God is awesome! My God is able to hide me from the traps of the devil. He is also able to show me anointed and great because He is within me. My God is able to cover and protect me 24 hours of the day and still be doing the same for You. My God is able to cover my home and family in His blood. He sacrificed His life for me. God let me know every day I am the child of the Most High King. No good thing will He withhold from me. Every door I walk into is blessed, covered, favored, and has my name on it. Why? Because He did it. I am covered on my job, in my home, in my friendships, business, and marriage. Not even sickness can consume me, my God said by His stripes I am healed, and I believe just that! I can go on and on about the goodness of God! We all must make it a point in those five minutes of laying in the bed to reflect on the goodness of God and tell Him thank You.

I make it a point to reflect on these things every day, and I make sure I am adding to my list, not forgetting what He has done. Having my time with God is the most crucial conversation and time spent I have every day. As I talk to Him and reflect, I also repent for missing the mark. I seek forgiveness due to the errors of my ways. I never act as if I am so perfect, somethings I know I get wrong, some I don't. I pray for forgiveness for them all.


"If I can't recognize all of the goodness of God, then I am not living." - Alston Shropshire

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