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A Kiss from Rose| January 12th

Are you ready to be an open book to others? If not, what is it that you are hiding or afraid of? Especially if they are your friends or family? No one has a heaven or hell to put you in, and if they are really your friends and you believe that within your heart, then you should be able to open up. Is there a place deep inside of you that knows they are really not your friend or have your best interest at heart? Well, get rid of them! Why are you allowing someone to take up space that can be used by someone that has better intentions for you? In this season, I am looking for accountability partners. People that have my best interest at heart that can help me when I fall short and I can do the same with them. This will be very difficult if you can not be open and if the people in your life are Judas/Jonadab. At times I slip, fall, and miss the mark, and every now and then I may need someone to say, " HEY! GET YO CRAP TOGETHER!" This is frankly speaking! This is an accountability partner. This person is not there to judge or beat you up about whatever it is that you are doing, but just to say "hey, stay focused."

No one in this world will ever be perfect, however, we all can be better than we were on yesterday. Let's gather up our friends and family, yes the people we eat with, pray, with, and sometimes fuss with together and learn more about the person; while getting some help!

Let's stop going to people's houses for cookouts and card games and know nothing more about the person than what happened on that day. Let's stop praying with people then judging them in the same breath, or know nothing more about them than whatever we are praying about ( if they even told you the reason for the prayer). Let's stop fellowshipping at church with people and have no outside relationship! Let's stop having arguments with people without knowing their story, listening, understand, and showing empathy for who they are; in the same manner, we would want. Let's grow into accountability partners and friends, or move out the way for those who are looking for the same thing!

I am ready to be an open book and an accountability partner!


"I ain't right, well y'all ain't either, let's talk about it!" - Alston Shropshire


Thank you for your cooperation in keeping this a safe space.

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