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A Kiss from Rose| January 11th

While the new year is kicking off, are you still sitting there on the shelf? Are you still doing the same 'ol thing? Nothing? Well, let me be your motivational push. Let us take part in doing something regularly, reading the bible. Let's get some friends and read a chapter once a week. As we are being filled with so many outside things, let's for once be consistent with the word. We all know 2021 is already bucking and feeling a 'lil 2020ish! Seriously! So let's get focused! Let start with a book most rarely read, Obadiah. The book of Obadiah shows that God will not forsake His promises to Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. To the Edomites, it’s a message of judgment and doom. To the Jews, it’s a message of faithfulness and salvation. I know I am looking for a little faithfulness and most certainly salvation.

This story will uncover some of the following things: entitlement ( I know you know some people that feel entitled), selfishness ( know some of those too don't you), greed ( I am sure you can think of a few), and deception ( is this you). Why do I say these things? Well with all stories and rivalry, there is a back story. A root. A cracked foundation (there goes that cracked foundation, from my event, it is still relevant). God made a promise to Abraham: He would bless those who bless him and curse those who curse him (Genesis 12:1-3). That blessing was passed on to Isaac, Abraham’s son (Genesis 21:12,26:24). You see you have to go back to the beginning, to get a clear understanding. This is all over the birthright. You see, your birthright/ blood-bought right will cause people to do some strange things.

Do you wonder why the enemy attacks you or does mean and hurtful things to you? There is an underlying story. You have something they want, need, or desire. There is a promise over your life, but you have to go way back to the beginning to understand the whole story. So make sure you go back to the beginning, and it will all make sense.


The deliverers will ascend Mount Zion

To judge the mountain of Esau,

And the kingdom will be the LORD’S. (Ob 21)

"No matter how mean/bad they treat me, I will always so high, when they go low. I have a blood bought right to victory. God promised this to me." -Alston Shropshire

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