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A Kiss from Rose| January 10th

Happy one year anniversary to my book Prayers and Wisdom from Grandma's House! I would like to thank God,along with each and everyone of you for reading Grandma's Corner. It is a true blessing. I appreciate it so much. It is not easy launching anything on your on, with zero line of credit, no reserved capital and no job. Nevertheless, when God is involved, it will all work out! Won't He do it!

Health Scare- God's Got IT!

Infected Pacemaker- God Is A Healer!

Heart Stop - God Can Raise You from the Dead!

Limited Funds- God Multiplied it!

This is my baby, no matter what anyone thinks of it, I am proud. No matter what anyone says, I know my grandmothers are in heaven smiling at this accomplishment. We all start somewhere, but it is where you end up that matters. A teen mother, a widow, divorced, kicked out of school for fighting, months away from BA of Science in Human Service with a concentration in family and children services, victim of gun violence, project living, and upper middle class living, I have been there and done that. Where am I now, living out the purpose of God with transparency while being authentically me! I've been helping people since I was 9 years old with people who can verify it (receipts, I always come with them), nevertheless it is time I help myself! One year later, I'm still selling!


If you would like to donate to Alston Shropshire, there is a donate button on the website.Thanks in advance!

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Unknown member
Jan 11, 2021

Thank God for his favor, his blessings his covering over your life. I'm so so proud of you. Keep going higher in Jesus's name. Don't Quit!


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