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A Kiss from Rose | Is God Your Personal ATM

Reflect deeply on your relationship with God today. Consider if, at times, you view Him merely as a convenience—an ATM for your desires, a servant for your every whim.

Are your prayers more frequent in times of need, especially when it concerns material wealth?

Pause and ask yourself: How often do you genuinely seek salvation and discuss the well-being of your soul with Him?

Is your dialogue centered around fasting and praying, or does it only intensify briefly, perhaps in January? And when was the last time you conversed with God about His vision for your life, aspiring to become a better person?

It's a stark reality that God is often linked to money and worldly possessions. While crises prompt many to call upon Him urgently, joyful moments often pass without acknowledging His presence.

As you absorb this message, allow yourself to be truly convicted about your behaviors. Recognize if guilt stirs within you. Are there others in your life who share in these practices?

Take a moment to express gratitude for God's forgiving and merciful nature. Embrace the understanding that He generously offers chances to make amends. It's time to reflect on your connection with God and consider how you can truly prioritize and honor that relationship.


“We all need money, but Dont let that be your only conversation with God.” - Alston Shropshire

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