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A Kiss from Rose | Intentional

God is intentional. He is intentional with your birth. God is intentional with your parents. He is intentional in your placement in life. God is intentional with your children. God is intentional with your spouse. He is intentional with your path. God is intentional with your friends. God is intentional with your job. He is intentional with your joy. He is placing and pushing you into the direction of HIS purpose according to HIS will.

God gives you joy so that you can praise His name and move forward in your purpose. God gives you pain/ struggles to push you to keep going, to stand on faith, to trust HIM, and to hold His hand. God blesses you with little to see if you are faithful over a few things, so He can then put you in charge over many things.

God is intentional! God is intentional in your design or makeup. He created you to be strong and enduring. God created you in His image. He is intentional! When things fall apart and people show you who they are, He is intentional.

God is answering the prayers to remove the harmful things and people without good intent. Yes, He is not only intentional; God is faithful! Yes, when God blows the wind of intentional favor in your direction, that is intentional. Yes, when you feel God's shifting harvest in your midst, that is intentional. When you didn't deserve it, yet you got it, yes, that is intentional. When you have the discernment to know there is greater for you and you trust He will bring it to you, again He will be intentional and faithful.

When your heart is pure, and you have good intent, He is intentional in where He places you and the favor He grants you. When He gives you His word, and you believe what He has said, know that His words were intentionally placed to help guide you through this journey we call life.

God is intentional and faithful. He is omnipresent. He is wherever you are at all times. So, wait on the Lord and know that everything He does and says IS intentional.


" Everything is working for my good, God is international."- Alston Shropshire

* I don not own the rights to this music*

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