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A Kiss from Rose | In The Valley

Make sure you have peace in your valley. No matter what you are going through, it will be alright. God is right there with you.

Flowers still bloom in the valley. Rivers still flow in the valley. Nature still thrives in the valley. Things are still alive in the valley. No one on earth has not resided in the valley. Your valley moment may have seemed like a lifetime. Nevertheless, be at peace with where you are. It may have appeared to be a low point in life in your valley or that you will not make it. However, you have a chance to think, recalculate, re-evaluate, conversate with God, and recharge.

If a flower can bloom in the valley, so can you. The birds or other animals do not go hungry in the valley, and neither will you. God will come down off of His throne to sit with you in the valley. You will have peace in the valley because the Comforter is there. Your mind regulator is there, so your mind will not be full of chaos. You will see healing in the valley because God has His hands on you. You will not lack anything in the valley because your provider is there with you.

Once you realize all of these things, peace should come over you.

I will not sit in a valley stressed out.

I will still enjoy the complete favor of God in the valley.

In the valley, I will be at peace.

Father, walk with me in the valley. Father, still the raging waters in the valley. Allow the river to continue to flow in the valley. Allow the valley I am in to flourish in my favor. I will not die in the valley. Give me peace in the valley.

In Jesus' name, amen.


" I am sitting on the edge of the banks enjoying the living water; in the valley." - Alston Shropshire

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