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A Kiss from Rose | I Did It With God

I know it is because of God good things manifested in my life. I know it is because of God I can do so many great things. I know it is because of Him all things are possible in my life.

There were countless days, I did not have the money, but it did not stop me from providing for my children. There were so many days I didn't feel like a good wife, but I never neglected making my husband feel like he was the best husband in the world. There were many days I didn't feel loved, but it didn't make me stop loving the friends I have. When the days were merging, and I didn't know what way was up, I still managed to make it happen for everyone around me. When the bills were piling up, and I saw no way out. There was always a door or a window opening up for me.

The thing is, even though I say "I" was able, or "I" in my wording, I know it was God working through me. It was God providing. It was God giving me the strength. It was God, allowing me to press my way through. It was God ordering my steps. It was God!

Many days I didn't have it; God did.

Many days I didn't know the answers; God revealed it. Many days I didn't want to get up; God knew I would. Many days no one loved me; God never stopped loving me.

When marriages fail, God doesn't.

Everything I accomplished and persevered through, I did it with God.

I am nothing without God!


"When I can't see myself; I still see God." - Alston Shropshire


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