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A Kiss from Rose | I Am Too Good

How would you feel if God said to you today, I am too good for you to treat me this way? Would He be correct?

Let's think of how God's "I am too good" conversation would sound.

So you think you are so good to me?

Let me advise you of how I am too good to you. I am always there when you need me, yet you pick me up and put me down at your leisure. You constantly call my name in vain. You expect me to do things at the drop of a dime for you, yet, you still don't walk in love. You do not appreciate me nor the gifts I have given to you, yet I am still good to you. You do not forgive others as I have forgiven you.

Nevertheless, I cover your sins. I am the doctor in your sickroom. I am your lawyer in the courtroom. I am your provider. I am your benefactor. I am your waymaker. I am your comforter. I am your healer. I wipe your tears. I am the reason you are the victor in every situation. I am the one fighting your enemies. I am the one supplying all of your needs. I am the one carrying you through. I AM TOO GOOD to you!

In the morning, I am too good to you. In the noonday hour, I am too good to you. I am too good to you in the middle of the midnight hour.

In your valley, I am too good to you. On the mountain top, I am too good to you. In your weakest times, I am too good to you. In your strongest moments, I am too good to you.

I am too good to you for you not to praise my name. I have healed your body too many times for you not to realize how good I am to you. I have elevated you and walked you into too many favored doors for you to act like I am not good to you.

I AM TOO GOOD TO YOU! Why do you treat me this way?

- God


" Raise your hands if you are guilty of not fully appreciating God!" - Alston Shropshire



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