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A Kiss from Rose | Grace Showers

Grace is unmerited favor. Something you did not deserve and something unexpected from God.

Look at the picture, each drop of rain represents grace.

I know I would love for God to rain some "Grace Showers" on me today. Who would not want "Grace Showers" on today? Who would not want unmerited favor raining down on you today? Name your drop of rain. How would you feel if your "Grace Showers" were:

Debt cancellations

A new home

A new car

Added years to your life

Renewed health and strength

Some money added to your account



A sound mind



A spouse

A child

A covering over your life

Divine protection



Gracious Father, we ask in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, to shower us with your grace. Father, we ask that You rain Your favor upon us today. Rain on us, Your love and mercy. No one can do it but You, Father. We trust and believe that You will grant us our "Grace Shower." Amen.


" Lord, rain your grace showers down on me, I need it, I need it."- Alston Shropshire


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