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A Kiss from Rose | Friend

Today, please reflect on your friends. Take a look at the friends you have today. Think about your favorite moments with them. Do you remember any of your friends from elementary school? What about middle, high school, or college? Are you still friends with them today? If so, that is a blessing.

Do you realize how many good memories you have with them and how many secrets they hold? How many have watched your children? Were there bridal and baby showers and marriages? Some may have held your hands during a divorce or the passing of your parents and possibly your spouse.

A good friend is one of the greatest assets you can have on this earth.

You both have been through so many things together. Whether there is distance or past or present disagreement, focus on the love and the fun times you both have shared. Think about the times they have been there for you that they have no idea about. Think about the moments you were a blessing to them. Doesn't it make you smile?

Think of the phone calls, house gatherings, vacations, and other events when they showed up. Pull up some pictures of the fun times you have had together.

Appreciation is the most under-delivered message to a friend. Whether you have been friends for one year or seventy years, riding this wave of life with someone is a blessing. We all must appreciate the people in our lives because life is short. There are no do-overs! Tell your friend you not only love them but appreciate them today.


"There are no perfect people in this world, how could you expect a perfect friend? Forgive them and move on the same way you want others to do." - Alston Shropshire

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