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A Kiss from Rose | Get Out of My Kitchen

How many times have you went into your grandmother's kitchen to cry, complain, or say how life isn't fair? Grandma is probably cooking something good, reading her bible, or whatever she is doing; you disregard it as it isn't important as what is urgent to you. As always, she stops what she is doing, listens to your story, smiles, and tells you to get out of her kitchen. As you probably are standing there in shock, grandma goes on to say to you that God has it all under control.

Does your grandma sound like this? " I keep telling you the same thing over and over. You need to pick up your bible and read what God is telling you. You may think this is happening to you, but it is happening for you. Do you think you can run things better than God? He has been running things long before you came along and will continue long after you are gone. Now here you are in my kitchen, worrying me about something that only God can handle. I'm in here praying, reading my bible, and talking to God, and you are over here worrying. You look stressed, and I'm at peace. Look like you need to do what I am doing. Don't come in here with all of that drama; God's got it. Now give me a hug and don't worry about it, it will be alright."

Isn't it wonderful how grandma can fuss a little bit and still make things better? She just made your mountain look like a molehill in the eyes of God. She makes sure she has God in everything. Grandma makes you look at yourself and how you handle things versus what she is doing, looking to God. Grandmothers, for the most part, never seem to worry about anything. How many times have you seen your grandmother running around worrying about anything? How many times have you seen your grandmother carry and read her bible? How many times have you seen people go to your grandmother about their problems? We need to do what grandma does, pray and talk to God.


"My grandmother, made me look at my problems and made me look to God about them. " -Alston Shropshire

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Unknown member
Jul 24, 2021

Alright Grandma!


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