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A Kiss from Rose | From Whence You Came

Do you remember from whence you came? Well, you have come a mighty long way. You are no longer in the place where you used to be. You are no longer in a place of torture and pain. You are not in the mental place either. You have chosen to be free from those things that held you in bondage. You are walking in a positive light. You are watching God move. You are walking with God. Are you not glad to be where you are and not where you used to be? Come on now, let's think about it. Do you want to go back to that abusive relationship? Do you want to go back to the unappreciative job? Do you want to go back to a place where you lacked self-worth? Do you want to go back to the place where you did not know it was God who was covering and keeping you? Do you want to go back to a life full of sin? Do you want to go back to poverty? Do you want to go back to whence you came?

Thank God for bringing you this far. Thank God for covering and keeping you in His favored promises. Thank God for whence you came because that means He has brought you a mighty long way. It means that God has done great things!


" He has done great things!" - Alston Shropshire



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