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A Kiss from Rose| February 27th

Do you believe He paid the cost for your sins? Well, know that He paid the price for my sins too. Remember Jesus said no sin is greater than the other. A sin is a sin. Don't talk about others gossiping when you are lying. Don't talk about a person's divorce when you are fornicating. Do not talk about the child born out of wedlock, and you are a whoremonger. Do not talk about the motherless/ fatherless child when you are not a mother/father to your child. Do not talk about the drug user when you are an alcoholic. How can you speak the word and judge someone's sins? Do not talk about the murder when you are a thief. Why are you counting the sins of others when He already paid the price?




Jesus paid the cost for all of our sins.


Black History/ Facts

Slave Marriages

Slave marriages had neither legal standing nor protection from the abuses and restrictions imposed on them by slaveowners. Slave husbands and wives, without legal recourse, could be separated or sold at their master's will. Couples who resided on different plantations were allowed to visit only with the consent of their owners. Slaves often married without the benefit of clergy, and as historian John Blassingame states, "the marriage ceremony in most cases consisted of the slaves simply getting the master's permission and moving into a cabin together."

Benjamin and Sarah Manson's marriage, however, had been graced with a formal ceremony. Benjamin, who was brought to Tennessee from Virginia as a young boy by his then-owner, Nancy Manson, later described the event in a pension application he filed as the dependent of his deceased son John: "We were married on Dr. L. W. White's farm 5 miles from Lebanon [Tennessee]. . . . Rev Ben White [a black preacher] said the marriage ceremony." The "wedding ceremony," he continued, "took place on the porch of the owner of Sarah [Dr. White]. . . . It was with the knowledge and consent of my master [Mr. Joseph L. Manson, son of Nancy Manson] and Sarah's master that we were married." Shortly after their marriage, Sarah's owner purchased Benjamin. "He [Dr. White] had me for a number of years," Benjamin explained, "then Mr. Manson bought me back and owned me till I was emancipated."

Formal marriage ceremonies for slave couples like Benjamin and Sarah were generally reserved for house servants. In such cases, slaveowners would have a white minister or a black plantation preacher perform the ceremony, and a large feast and dance in the "quarters" would follow honoring the slave couple. The ceremony could include the slave marriage ritual of "jumping the broom," which required slave couples to jump over a broomstick. The custom of jumping the broom could vary from plantation to plantation. On some farms, the slave bride and groom would place separate brooms on the floor in front of each other. The couple would then step across the brooms at the same time joining hands to signal that they were truly married. On other farms, each slave partner was required to jump backward over a broom held a foot from the ground. If either partner failed to clear the broom successfully, the other partner would be declared the one who would rule or boss the household. If both partners cleared the broom without touching it, then there would be no "bossin."

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