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A Kiss from Rose| Extra Dose

Never have you fully. Never have you completely. Never have you thought about it. Yet, God always. God will forever.

I have protected you from the enemies that attacked you. Never have you recognized my Son.

I have covered you during the midnight hour. Never did you wake up to say thank You.

I have provided when no one else would. Never did you give Me the glory. You just took all of the credit.

I have loved you unconditionally. You acted as if I didn't love you at all.

I have healed your broken heart, never have you thought of my heart being broken.

I have wiped countless tears from your face; never have you acknowledged my tears when I wept.

I have never left your side. Never have you stayed consistently with me.

Our God gives us abundantly, yet we never entirely give ourselves to Him. We also have so many stipulations.

I am not ready.

I drink.

I curse.

I smoke.

I am not married.

I don't think God sees me.

Have you forgotten to give God the glory? Have you broken God's heart by not walking in love? Would you wipe His tears as God weeps while He watches you knee-deep in sin?


"Lord, wrap Your arms around the people reading this today."- Alston Shropshire

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