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A Kiss from Rose| Every Fiber Needs Healing

I know people like to pray for money or things. I get it. When people speak of prosperity, it usually involves money. I believe that God is my provider, so the things I need He will provide, especially financially. I like to focus on being whole for Him. How can you not prosper if you are whole and full of God? I often like to pray for healing, renewal, and strength building. You can have all of the money in the world and be unhappy, hurting, and full of the devil. All of this money is not satisfying you, nor are you in a peaceful state.

Nevertheless, when you are whole and healed, you are at peace. You can be living in a standard home and be just as happy because God is with you. You don't need a mansion because where you are, feels like one. Every fiber of your body and mind needs healing. Every DNA or chromosome needs to be touched by God. Your blood needs purifying with His. Can you imagine the clarity, peace, wholeness, and focus you will have? Money can't buy that. Can you imagine the type of relationship you will have with Him? When God begins to heal every fiber of your being, your soul will cry out, "YES!"

Oh heavenly Father, thank You for being who You are in my life. Through Your Son Jesus Christ, I ask You today to heal every fiber in my being. Father, I believe You will continue to provide for all of my needs; nevertheless, I desire You to touch every inch of me. Renew me. I desire to be whole through You. Touch every cell, organ, and droplet of blood in me. It is only by Your touch this can manifest. I believe that You will heal every fiber of me. I believe You want me to be whole through You. I believe You will do all of these things through Christ Jesus, Amen.


"I am healed, whole, and prospering." - Alston Shropshire

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Unknown member
Sep 03, 2021

I touch and agree...Amen


Unknown member
Sep 03, 2021

I speak a complete healing over myself my mind, soul and body. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen 🙏 Thank you Lord!


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