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A Kiss from Rose | Easy Ears

Judging or condemning people for things we do not agree with or strongly oppose is easy. It is easy to say no to others or not be willing to help or listen to them. It is easy to walk past a person in need. It is easy to criticize or remove the justification or importance of someone else's issues yet validate our own. It is easy to act or appear that we are far removed from sin, and so Christian-like. Let's be reminded of some sins we all may have crossed paths with:

Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, wrath, lying, swearing, stealing, and sloth.

Now do not tell me everyone at least didn't commit gluttony. Ahh-ha!

So let's be kind and walk in love while showing compassion. It will be challenging at times. However, continue to strive for it.

No one should replay all of the errors of their ways at every moment of the day; however, when you show compassion, empathy, and love, you understand and acknowledge that you are not and never have been perfect.

Lending a soft and compassionate ear can make someone's day. Mailing a card or texting someone you are thinking of them during their time of trouble or illness can give someone hope. Let's think of the person who can not quite get it together, lend a helping hand or give them encouraging words of how proud you are that they are not giving up.

Look at a person and not down on them. Everyone has been in the valley before. Be kind to them. God is pleased when you turn to a person that away.

Every day is not a good day for everyone. Sometimes people need space. Give them space and welcome them with open arms and love.

Not everyone airs their issues, which is ok, but some do, which should also be ok. Too many people suffer in silence, and too many suffer due to judgment.

Let's have easy ears, a compassionate heart, a kind spirit, and an open and understanding mindset.


"Do be a cheerful giver." - Alston Shropshire



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