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A Kiss from Rose| Don't Struggle with Trusting God; Trust Him

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Get off of the fence when it comes to trusting God. Either you trust Him, or you don't. Now you are not the first in life to struggle with this. Many people around the world today struggle with completely trusting God. Many in the bible did as well. Nevertheless, He never fails us.

Eve struggled with trusting God when she bit the forbidden fruit; after He told them not to.

Sarah struggled with trusting God about having a baby.

Lot's wife ( Ado/Edith) struggled and turned into a pillar of salt.

Job's wife ( Sitidos) struggled and wanted her husband to curse God.

Mary struggled to trust God about unanswered prayers.

Miriam struggled with trusting God's plan.

Martha struggled with seeing a good outcome with or while grieving.

Rebekah struggled with God being in control and took matter's into her own hands.

Rachel struggled with having to be in control and not allowing God's plan to prevail.

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, move me out of the way. Move my thoughts that are hindering me from trusting You, out of the way. Lead me, Father, onto the favored path that You have created for me. Father, I trust Your plan for my life. Father, I trust You, in Jesus's name, Amen.


" Lord I trust You."- Alston Shropshire


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