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A Kiss from Rose | Don't Stop

Here is a reminder of things to not stop doing. Everyone needs a little pep talk or reminder now and then.

  1. Do not stop communicating with God.

  2. Do not stop praying.

  3. Do not stop praying for others.

  4. Do not stop praying for your enemies.

  5. Do not stop loving God.

  6. Do not stop loving yourself.

  7. Do not stop loving your spouse.

  8. Do not stop loving your friends and family.

  9. Do not stop trusting God.

  10. Do not stop taking time out for yourself.

  11. Do not stop your self-care routines.

  12. Do not stop being active in your community.

  13. Do not stop giving back.

  14. Do not stop helping others.

  15. Do not stop dreaming.

  16. Do not stop making yourself happy

  17. Do not stop setting yourself up for success.

  18. Do not stop believing in yourself.

  19. Do not stop doing positive and productive things.

  20. Do not stop reading and sharing Grandma's Corner.

Taking the time to evaluate the things you do not want is key, yet remembering the things you do not need to stop doing is also necessary.


"God is love. Happy Valentine's Day." - Alston Shropshire


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