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A Kiss from Rose| Don't Miss the Message Looking for a Mistake

What is your focus? Is it the message? Are you easily distracted by mistakes. Are you constantly critiquing the messenger that you miss the point of the message? Are you continually critiquing the body of work that you miss the intent of its content? Remember, there are flaws in everything—even you. However, the flaws in you don't mean that you don't have a purpose. I purposely inject errors in the messages in grandma's corner to see if you will get distracted by it. To see if you are looking for grammatical errors or the point of the message. Double "s" in a word or punctuation between words can have a person close out the message for today and miss their confirmation. Looking for perfection in writing or a person can have you miss out on so much. Counting someone's sins, mistakes, or looking at how they do things differently from how you do them means you are easily distracted and judgmental. How many missed opportunities have you missed out on due to being judgmental, critical, or lacking focus?

In Grandma's Corner, I intend to have you think and look at yourself. I plan to give you a reality check and inspire you.

If I say, God lovess you. Will having the extra "s" mean that you do not get the message? Will it make the fact of God loving you not accurate? So, do not miss a good message because you are so busy looking for a mistake.

Here are some other examples of what not to miss out on:

Don't miss out on a good friend because they are in a different social setting than yours

Don't miss out on a good spouse because they cannot cook or fix things

Don't miss out on a good church because it has a small congregation

Don't miss out on working for a great company because they have not been in business long (everyone has to start somewhere)

Don't miss out on wisdom because the person may seem not to be an expert (you don't know what life has taught them)

Don't miss out on a relationship with your son/daughter-in-law because they weren't your choice( it wasn't your choice)

Don't miss out on a good message in Grandma's Corner because you see an error (most purposely place)

Don't miss walking in your purpose because you have flaws (we all have them)


"My grandmother Rosa only had a 5th-grade education. She wasn't the best writer or reader. However, when she needed to sign her name for me to go on trips, she did. Her signature would go off of the lines, and I would be so upset. I wanted it to look perfect. She said all that mattered was her name was on there, which meant I could go on the trip.

The things she instilled in me are priceless. Common sense, the word of God, and how to raise a family were her main focus. Even with broken English and a heavy geechee dialect (or accent), I didn't miss the message." - Alston Shropshire


Thank you for your cooperation in keeping this a safe space.

Grandma's Corner was created and intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations. Any bullying, inappropriate language, swearing, or racial slurs will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban from Grandma's Corner and the Alston Shropshire website.


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