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A Kiss from Rose | Do What God Told You

Today this message will be plain and straightforward. Do what God told you to do. When you accomplish that, that is when you have accomplished something worthwhile in life. Why? Because you are pleasing God.

God wants us to love Him.

God wants us to pray.

God wants us to love others.

God wants us to walk in love.

God wants us to be kind.

God wants us to be obedient.

God wants us to be honest.

God wants us to be thankful.

God wants us to be forgiving.

God wants us to be helpful.

God wants us not to worry.

God wants us to have gratitude.

God wants us to do the right thing.

We sit around and ask God for a laundry list of things, yet we are not doing the basics for Him. Today, choose to please God. When you please God, everything will fall into place.


" I want to be free, so I must follow God." - Alston Shropshire



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