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A Kiss from Rose | Diagnosed by the Doctor but Not by the Author

Today's message is self-explanatory. Nevertheless, we are going to dive into it today.

Stop accepting a diagnosis from a doctor that the Author did not authorize. Stop receiving a death sentence that the Author of life and death did not authorize.

We all are human and act off of emotions. I'm not going to lie and say I'm any different.

Discernment, faith, and the wisdom of the Word are vital.

The Word says you shall live and not die. The Word says you will get sick but will not die.

Whenever I talk to my mother about what the doctor said, she always asks, "what does the word say?"

You can not go wrong with a mother like that.

The doctor recently diagnosed me with something, and I was distressed because I had never heard of it.

Thank God for the mother I have; she turned me to the Word. I had to be reminded of what the Word said.

We all need a little reminding now and then.

I had to realize the Author and Creator of my life did not give me a diagnosis; a practicing doctor did.

The Son of God told me, "By His stripes, I am healed. I must stand on the Word of God, walking boldly in faith and speaking life over myself.

So, did you get a diagnosis from the doctor or the Author? Did the Author authorize it?

And what does the Word say?

Where is your FAITH in GOD?


"Always follow the advise of your doctor while having faith God will heal you. Know one now the road ahead of you but God does. Trust Him." - Alston Shropshire


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