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A Kiss from Rose| December 31st

I love the way this atmosphere is smelling! It smells like new beginnings, a miraculous shift, an anointing, favor, blessings, protection, freedom, love, and a basket full of roses. It smells like the presence of God is here! Many of you are looking at this atmosphere as an ending of something, yet I am looking at it as the beginning of something powerful. I am not sure about where you are headed in life on this new journey, I am with God right now and we are ready to move! I know that when I am with Him, this road will be wonderfully blessed. Everything in the atmosphere is showing His face and His favor! I am walking on rose petals on a gold paved road. I am looking at all of the legions of mighty angels, surrounding us in protection, while having a smile on their faces and cheering us on. Oh yes, this atmosphere is the result of my faith on the last level. This is an elevated atmosphere! This is where the harps are playing my theme song when I have hit it big. I am walking with the Greatest of All Eternity, God. No one and no other atmosphere can be topped and there will be no looking back. In this season the rewards are great and endless. I have done the right things as grandma has often told me. The times I have missed the mark, He has forgiven me, just as I have forgiven those who trespassed against me. God told me He would make my path clear in the last season, He did. I am still here, alive and well. I was so focused on the path being clear and keeping my eyes on Him, I didn't think about the reward. What a mighty reward it is! Thank You, God, for giving me my flowers and my abundance of favor. Thank You, for Your presence. Thank You, for walking with me. Let's show the world what walking with You looks like! Alston Shropshire WILL show everyone God is with me.


"When God has His hand on me, no one can move it. I am obedient to giving God the glory, He will always be in the midst. I am spreading His word with a sincere heart, He will cover everything I come in contact with. No one can deny the works of God." - Alston Shropshire

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