A Kiss from Rose| December 30th

Have you ever been surrounded by beauty, strength, and positivity yet there is one "woe is me" person, a "killjoy" or "dream snatcher" so to speak in the bunch? Does it have you wondering if any of this spirit I have is ever going to rub off on them? Of course, we need to pray for and with them so that they can realize the beauty and strength within themselves, nevertheless, sometimes a conversation needs to be had. Why have a conversation, well to express that it is draining to hear these types of commentaries. Also to gain an understanding of the person's needs and expectations from the circumstances they are experencing. It is also the time to give the person another viewpoint of what they are experiencing and so they can see the beauty around them and in themselves. It is a wonderful view when everyone is showing their beauty, strength, and positivity in unity. Don't let the picture be off with the "woe is me" mentality, you are wilting the other flowers in the bunch.



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