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A Kiss from Rose| December 28th

Have you ever had to watch someone turn their back on you? Not a great feeling is it? What if it is a wonderful feeling for them to free themselves from you? I bet you haven't looked at it that way, huh? How refreshing does it feel for you to walk away from things that mean you no good, that are toxic, or just plain ol' not beneficial? I am sure you feel like there has been a weight lifted off of you. How can we enjoy the freeing feeling of us turning our backs on others but can not see the same for the person freeing themselves from us? Do we not think of how hard it was for a person to make that final decision? How many times did the person go back and forth with why they should stay or go? This "is" the process we all go through when making a hard choice, going back and forth I mean. It is not easy to turn your back on someone you care about. It is also not a great feeling to watch a person we care about turn their back on us. Yes, in the heat of the moment we say all kinds of things like, " ($@%$ that, let them go, I don't need them or $@%$ that I can't take their crap anymore) but deep inside it hurts. You have broken bread with them, prayed with them, enjoyed family time and vacations together. How could it not be hard? Sometimes in life, we have to accept the fact that yes, it was my fault and my actions that led to them turning their back, and yes if it were me; I would want to be free too. Peace of mind and joy in your heart is worth leaving somethings in life behind. Mental clarity and sanity are needed by us all. Apologizing over and over again gets old and redundant. At some point, a person has to say to themselves, "how sorry are they really if they continue to do the same thing?" The person apologizing constantly won't see it that way, but think about it like this if your apologizing equates to you having to walk barefoot over hot coals, would you want to constantly do that? I am sure corrective behavior would set in after having your feet almost being burned to a crisp the first time! Nevertheless, if you are the person that has to always apologize I am sure that you wouldn't mind walking over hot coals over and over again since you see nothing wrong with apologizing so much. When you begin to use corrective behaviors early on, you will not have to worry about anyone turning their back on you and riding off into the sunset of peace and toxic freedom.


"In the new year, it is time to ride off into the sunset of peace and toxic freedom!" - Alston Shropshire


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