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A Kiss from Rose| December 27th

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

As the year is closing, I think we all should have some questions of reflections, so that we can identify with the things we did in the months past. We need to ask ourselves these questions so that we know if it is a good idea to do them in the year to come or leave those things behind. Some may think these are questions that are customary to the writer but, if you ask and answer these questions, you may be surprised by what you find out. Let's take it a step farther, lets write down the questions and answers. I don't know about you all but my memory is just a bit shot these days. I think this will give us a moment for transparency and clarity. It will also show us what we have been tolerating from others and ourselves. Now, even though you may have some answers that may not look so pleasant, look at them in a positive light as things you now have the opportunity to change.

Here are 13 questions, let's see where you are. Remember lying to yourself will get you nowhere. Let's get better in the year to come, we all deserve growth and awareness. You can also add additional questions. Have friends or family night out with these questions to see how others are thinking about themselves. You may be surprised to see you are not alone in your thoughts.

1. Did I love myself enough? If my answer is no, then what took away from me pouring into myself, and scale back 15 min and add that time or attention towards myself moving forward.

2. Did my family get enough of my time or too much? What can I do to assist them in being confident in being more independent but also knowing I am available and accessible for them.

3. Is my spouse knowledgeable about all of my feelings? How can I respectfully make them aware of my feelings that are not damaging to the marriage?

4. Are my friends more aware of what's going on in my marriage than my spouse? Why do I feel as though that is a great idea and how can I replace those roles?

5. Are my children aware that they can talk to me about anything? Even if I think so, let me finds ways to reinforce that to them.

6. Have I been a great friend to those around me? ( Remember each person requires something different. Are you present in their lives, aware of what's going on, understanding their conflicts in their lives, nonjudgmental, and walking on a two-way street?)

7. Who in my circle of friends measured up to my standards of what I need? Do they know if they are or not? If they are not, is the friendship work saving?

8. Is my career providing the desire that I need? Is my job making me happy? What is it that's keeping me here, outside of a paycheck?

8. Am I a heinous coworker or boss? How can I be better?

9. Am I doing the things God requires of me in life ( walking in love and spreading His word)? How can I do better?

10. Am I too open to the people around me and regret telling them things due to the backlash of criticism that they inform others? Why do I tell so much? Are they as open to me? Am I as critical to them? Should I close myself to them, or should I go from them?

11. Am I as faith-driven as I say, I am? Am I as trusting of God as I say? If my actions and words do not line up, why is that and how can I change it?

12. Do I understand I am not better than anyone else that God has created and they are no better than me? We all are great I must find the beauty in everything, how can I stay focus on doing that?

13. In the last 2-3 years who has been my core supporters and essential people in my life to get me this far? Have I done right by them, if not why and how can I fix it?


"It is time we take accountability and be transparent so that we can be better." - Alston Shropshire


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Unknown member
Dec 27, 2020

Very essential topic and questions...