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A Kiss from Rose| December 24th

Are you getting ready to give birth? Are you experiencing labor pains? Are you excited? As I am sitting here experiencing my labor pains, I am excited! No, I am not expecting a baby, but I am expecting a wonderful gift! It gives you the same feeling, however. Just like the day before Christmas, with all of the excitement in the air about what gifts people are going to receive or the look on the faces of others as they open up your gifts. The anticipation is overwhelming! Well, as the thoughts swirl through my head, I can't help but think of what am I about to give birth to in this season. Will all of my heart's desires come true? Will God bless me with them? Will He give me double for my trouble? It is frustrating at times not knowing and waiting on the process to see. Nevertheless, it is joyful to experience the labor pains because I know that the gifts are on the way! It is God's way of letting me know that, "hey I have something special in store for you, and it is on the way!" As my countdown to its arrival, I just sit back and go over my list of things that I am expecting to come. It may seem redundant to some ( just as cars and money are to others), but these are my heart's desire, though redundant as it may seem, these are the things that I pray for. I do not look at what others pray for as redundant, I just pray with them for their prays to be granted! So let me go through some of the things I expect to birth, maybe you have some of these on your list as well or may need to add them.


Added time to my prayer life

Breaking down my wall (guard)

Being more trusting

Not beating myself up for failing

Supporting my business more

Being more involved in my own life and less dedicated to others

Accepting myself for who I am

Accepting others for who they are

Knowing it is ok for me to be used and stop accepting it

Letting go of people without mutual love, and respect for me

Respecting myself more

Knowing that being abandoned by people doesn't mean you are abandoned by God

Walking into a new life full of uncertainty and being ok with the results because of the trust I have for God

Leaving long handles spoons in the past to focus on the short spoons that need my time and attending

Forgiving myself for the mistakes and choices I have made

Walk under the anointed and assignment God has given me

Identify and receive the abundance of favor, grace, mercy, blessing, miracles, covering, and hand to hand walking with God...

A fruit harvest and recognition in my business


Solid...Good and Long lasting Fruitful Friendships

Positivity Only



Allowing others to help me



Though there are countless more, this was just to have you start thinking about your labor pains, and what will you be birthing.


Is your foundation cracked? We must all identify, internalize and repair the cracks in our own foundation; by standing on the "Rock" and asking Him to fill us. - Alston Shropshire


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